Be concise

  • Use as few words as possible. Avoid unnecessary and redundant information.
  • Avoid large blocks of text.
  • Avoid long, complex sentences.

Be conversational

  • Use natural, conversational language, no bullshit.
  • Contractions are okay to be used. "Here's a list of projects we’ve released & contributed to." Instead of "Here is a list of projects we have released & contributed to". They make the text more human
  • Avoid developer/designer-focused terminology, unless you’re writing for them.

Be direct

  • Use active voice "The boy hit the ball" not "The ball was hit by the boy".
  • Avoid complex verb structures.

Be Positive

  • Remember, we empower positive change.
  • Always try to write sentences positively, not negatively.

Basic how-to

If you don't read anything else just read this:

  • When you are writing here you are representing Startaê. You are speaking for yourself and for it
  • Think problem are you solving to who is reading and how are you solving it
  • Even if you cannot solve their problem try to help somehow (: - positive change
  • You are a human writing for other humans
  • Be simple. simple words. simple sentences.
  • Being fun and relatable is more important than being formal
  • Always try to be positive (:
  • Make sure at least one more person reviews your text