Project Management


First things first, we try to write all or most of our tasks in english. Second, sometimes discussions about things we have to do get lost if they remain on slack. So if there is something actionable to do during a discussion move it to Flow, send the link and continue the discussion from there.

Template for Writing Tasks:

Task Name: [Task Classification] Verb on Infinitive + Task Descriptor #tags

ex: [Bug] Fix padding on mobile version #frontend


  • Be as specific as possible
  • Write something you’ll understand a week or a month from now
  • Avoid general verbs such as: be, make, do
  • Avoid writing long Task Names

Task Description

Give more information or context so that anyone on that project can understand that task

ex: The padding on the mobile version is to small. It would be better to increase it a little bit.


  • On Flow this is where you add note or a file
  • Include any additional information necessary to understand that task. Do that here instead of on the Task Name
  • Include any relevant links, images or files here, so they don’t get lost in the comments.
  • If necessary assign the task to whoever will be responsible for it and subscribe who needs to keep up with it.

Task Comments

These are relevant discussions reggarding that task


  • Mention the people that you want to respond to the comment
  • It is a good habit to like each others comments to let them know you saw their comment