The Wired State

When you have a long working session without any interruption, you achieve a state of total focus on what you are working on (we call it in the zone). That's the moment you are most productive. It's when your mind stops thinking about other tasks, it's when you don't stop to answer a question or check your phone. To stay wired, is to be in the perfect state to make things happen and where the real progress happens.

To stay wired takes time. That's why the interruption is your enemy. It's like deep sleeping (R.E.M) - you don't go straight to it, you will sleep first and you will progressively reach it. Any interruption will make you start over. In R.E.M, it's where the real magic of the sleep happens. Likewise, on wired mode is where the real magic of productivity happens.

We've come up with a few rules to help in reaching this state:

  • Headphones On = Person is Wired: if someone is wearing their headphones, it means they are wired. Wait for a pause in their pomodoro before calling them.
  • Async Communication: we have a series of tools to help us with async communication. They help us a lot with preventing interruptions and besides that they help people on different time zones to stay aware of what's going on.

People need uninterrupted time to get things done.