We do interviews to understand how people are using the service or product and get insights from the existing users' behavior. It will guide us to the right direction, giving the user a great new experience. We follow the Google Design Sprint principles.

How to understand the users behavior?

The process of research and interview customers/users gives us accurate information to design a better product.

Service design steps:


A deep look at the current scenario, interacting to the client to understand: business goals and user needs.

Plan the interview with the users

Now it's time to define our interview script along with the strategy while recruiting users to take the interview. During all the process, the key is to ask the right questions before starting the UI (user interface) process.


After the interviews, we get 5 main insights that will help us to design a better interface or improve an user experience. The metrics are very important to cut out some assumptions and guide us each step.

Types of interviews

  • Interview to explore some hypotheses and assumptions in people's mind
  • Interview to understand how the user interact with the current app
  • Interview with the team responsible for the product development/design
  • Interview to test the prototype functions

How it works?

The first step is planning the interview process. We make a script to guide us during the interviews, then we ask for our client who are their customers and recruit them to the interview. During the interviews, it is important to let the users feel comfortable to talk, so they will be able to explain their compliments and complaints, and to give us a honest feedback. We are not looking for Yes/No answers because it will not clarify user's needs.

Usually one maker leads the interview and another one write the topics discussed. Then we highlight the most important parts together. We created a method to write down these important topics on post-its and put them on the wall according to the user's column divided by colors. So we can observe the clusters and figure out their standard behavior and topics in common. We get a "behavior standard" based on the insights we got during the interviews, but no statistic graphs (like a percentage of how many times people click on a button).

At this time, we got the necessary inputs (what is working and what is not) to improve the product's experience. Furthermore, we share all these insights with our client.