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Inside Jokes WTF

Who is Ivan?

Have you ever heard someone saying "POOOORRA IVAN"? Or have you ever been called Ivan, even though that's not your name? And after that, have you ever looked around the office for any Ivan and could not found anyone with that name?

Find more about Ivan here.

Oh no!

Once upon a time, Rafael and Victoria were starting a new project. They were supposed to redesign the experience for a coaching platform and were watching screencasts to better understand how the system worked. As the lady explained how to add and edit participants she did not notice that the edit button was right next to the delete trash bin. She then accidentally clicked the delete icon and, since there was no alert, deleted a real participant from the platform. Losing her composure and yelling "OOOOH NO!!!"

Easter egg: Hump de Bump


Don't ever say this word at the office. NEVER EVER.

You probably want to say it, don't you? You have probably already have said it, didn't you?

And you have probably heard someone singing "Beautiful" in a highly pitched voice. We actually don't know how this started, but that will happen EVERY TIME you say that word.


You have just opened Slack and found the weirdest gifs ever? Probably, it's wtfriday: you wake up, drink your coffe and contribute with the craziest gif you can find.

Inside Jokes WTF

Only the gold or Só u ouro

If you find yourself asking: "what the hell only the gold means?". Calm down. It's easy to catch. For most cultures, the gold color is a good thing. It's related to success, achievement and triumph.

Gold in its physical state, by its very nature, denotes wealth and prestige in every country, culture and market in the world today - it is probably the most valuable and easily traded commodity available in the global marketplace.

So, if you ask someone at the office: "Hey, how're you?" and this person answer "only the gold", it means that this person is in well-being state.